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ECA International Corporation, Palatine, IL

ECA International Corporation is a fine chemical company that specializes in developing and manufacturing customized pharmaceutical intermediates. We offer gram to multi-ton level synthesis extending to pilot and commercialization, as well as process development at gram and pilot stage. Its founders are former marketers and scientists of pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, analytical instruments and marketing research in the US.

Equipped with highly skilled chemists supported by state-of-the-art analytical facility, ECA International offers pharmaceutical manufacturers, biotech companies and research institutions the best technology, quality, price and delivery of customized intermediates and scale-up services. As a true alternative to in-house development and process, outsourcing intermediates to ECA helps you achieve cost-saving, quality control, and most importantly on time delivery.

Initial focus of ECA is the United States market. ECA has recruited top chemists in the industry and set up an organic synthesis laboratory in the US for preliminary research, analysis and quality control. ECA has also established a joint venture in Shanghai, China with Shanghai Pharmaceutical (Group) Corporation, by far the largest pharmaceutical company in China, to perform organic synthesis and scale-up process from grams to multi-ton scale. The abundant high-skill low-cost labor force there has tremendously improved our cost structure without compromising quality.  TOP

ECA Fine Chemical Company, Shanghai, China

ECA Fine Chemical Company is a joint venture by ECA International Corp. USA and Shanghai Pharmaceutical (Group) Corporation. Located in Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, ECA Fine Chemical Company is in the heart of Asia's largest Biotech and Pharmaceutical development zone, well equipped and funded to provide our global customers services and products addressing their specific needs from research to commercial quantities with emphasis on comprehensive process development. It has a large chemistry team with more than 30 PhDs and Masters in Chemistry.   TOP


Shanghai Pharmaceutical (Group) Corporation

Shanghai Pharmaceutical (Group) Corporation is the largest pharmaceutical enterprise in China conducting business on scientific research, drug discovery, and industrial production. Within the company, there are 57 solely owned entities, 2 publicly listed companies, 45 joint ventures (including joint ventures with Abbott, Schering-Plough, Johnson-Johnson, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Roche, etc.), and more than 10 research centers. There are all together 46,343 employees in SPGC. Among them, there are over 10,000 professionals with advanced degrees in Chemistry and Biology.   TOP




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